Black Beauty Brands That Every Black Girl Should Know About!

Black Beauty Brands That Every Black Girl Should Know About!

March 29, 2019


It's a New Year and there's a new standard for inclusivity in beauty products catering to women of color (at long last!). Major hair, cosmetics, and skin brands are extending their item choices to cater to a wide range of skin tones and hair types. While this is great news, lets not forget that there are several Black owned brands that cater to women of color. The team here at BAMN Apparel is all about supporting Black businesses, who have been and will continue to make items explicitly for Black clients. 

There are tons of fantastic Black-owned beauty brands and in this article, we will highlight a few of them. These brands offer several beautifying agents and regular hair treatments that actually work. Every item is designed specifically for dark skin and Afro grade hair. These brands had immense followings on Instagram before breaking into mass retailers, where the items sit on the rack close by old fashioned brands that have been around for quite a long time. Before jumping on the major brand band wagon, support one of these Black owned brands!  


  1. Juvia's Place

Known for its ultra pigmented shades, flawless bundling, and moderate sticker price, Juvia's Place has overwhelmed online networking in the previous couple of years. With each new item shipping out in days or even hours, and the seal of endorsement from the absolute greatest excellence influencers, Juvia's Place has patched up the eye-shadow palette in a creative and eye-popping way. Get the Clan Palette (envisioned) for $20.

  1. Beauty Bakerie

Known for its smear evidence lip whips, Excellence Bakerie is as sweet as it looks. Cherished by excellence masters and YouTubers like Jackie Aina and Tati, this veggie lover, mercilessness free brand is shaking up the magnificence amusement. The majority of its items have adorable heated great related names — like Cake Blend Establishment ($28) and Cake Pop Lippies ($14) — and they're too moderate.

  1. Ayele and Co.

Initially named Bahi Beautifying agents, Ayele and Co. is a cold-bloodedness free, all-regular brand known for its bomb skincare serums and dazzling lashes. Its scar-blurring Sunflower Serum ($26) is the brand's most well-known thing, and you can discover insane previously and after’s on their Instagram page.

  1. Blk + Grn

Blk + Grn is an all-characteristic commercial center that associates ladies of color with amazing hair, magnificence, and skincare items that are free of poisons and synthetic substances. The majority of the items — a few blockbusters incorporate Marla Rene Skincare's Crude Nectar Chemical ($35) and Jacq's Organics' 3-Piece Plant Based Face Pack ($65) — are uncommonly made by dark craftsmans and chosen by wellbeing specialists.

  1. The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar is a vegetarian wonder mark having some expertise in — you got it — lip items. After initially being rejected from Shark Tank in 2015, Melissa Head servant, the brand's originator, held on and could inspire Focus to move her items online by the next year. From that point forward, The Lip Bar has amassed a gigantic after gratitude to its central goal to make a boundless determination of cosmetics choices for ladies all over the place.

  1. Coloured Raine

Regardless of whether you've never known about this cosmetics mark, odds are you've seen it on one of your most loved magnificence bloggers. Shaded Raine is known for everything from lashes to lipsticks, so don't look at its site except if you plan on burning through the entirety of your cash (don't state we didn't caution you).

  1. Bevel

Bevel is a razor organization that serves men of color who encounter skin irritation and razor bumps due to shaving. The brand has figured out how to amass a trusty base of supporters since entering the market in 2013 and even as of late propelled a line of skincare items that address hyperpigmentation, irritation, bluntness, and uneven skin tone. you can get this at the rate of $15

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